Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some glimpses into my life with my new water bottle...

On Friday, April 3, 2009, my new water bottle and I had lunch at Katsu-Hama:

Lunch was delicious and romantic, but later that night we got into our first argument. My new water bottle wanted to stay home and watch Girl Interrupted, but I wanted to go out for drinks. Anyway, after a huge shouting match, I ended up leaving to go meet my friends at Montero's and my new water bottle just stayed home, sulking. To show my new water bottle that I am my own person and don't have to hang out with her every single second, even though she is the hottest thing I have ever laid eyes on, I stayed out all night and most of the following day. We finally made up around 1:00 am on Sunday morning...

Truthfully, things have not been going that well with my new water bottle. She is gorgeous and has a slamming body, but otherwise is sort of an empty vessel, which is weird in that she is a water bottle... Anyway, we don't really have anything in common and I desperately want to find a way out, but then I see her again and can't believe someone so impossibly hot would want to be with me. Not surprisingly, I have not figured out a way to extract myself from the relationship, so she ended up coming to the Seder I co-hosted with my friend, Rebecca, on Saturday, April 11:

Do you notice how my new water bottle is totally looking over my shoulder as I mix the potato kugel batter? So clingy!

Oh - still watching my every move like a hawk? Stop suffocating me!

Well, at least we both love perfectly roasted chicken, so there is no real reason to break up just yet...


  1. Oh my gosh. This makes me laugh so much. She's such a LURKER!

  2. I don't blame you for needing space, she's trying to lord her svelte, sleek and sexy body over you and constantly looking over your shoulder. I'd need space too!